Markdown Journal

Markdown Journal is a simple journal that uses Dropbox as back end storage and saves your entries as Markdown Markdown files.

Your Journal is Your Own

You are in full control of your journal. All the entries are stored in your personal Dropbox forever. If at some point you decide to stop using Markdown Journal you get to keep all your entries. There is no export function, because your work is always going to be in your Dropbox, as plain text files.

Dropbox Integration

You don't need to sign up. If you have a Dropbox account you can hit Write and begin to take notes immediately.

If you haven't logged in in a while Markdown Journal will ask to connect with your Dropbox account:

Dropbox Authorization

Hit Allow to write, or deny if you're sick of the service.

Storage and File Management

Your entries are be saved to the App/Markdown Journal folder:


A new file is started each month. You can edit any of these files directly with a text editor if you wish. You can delete or rename them at any time. Markdown Journal won't care and will continue working regardless of what you do with the files.

Markdown Support

We think that Markdown Markdown is great. It is super simple, widely supported and has a huge community of people interested in its success. It is a perfectly unobtrusive markup language for hassle-free writing. As such it is perfect for a personal journal.

We use Markdown everywhere. When you create a new Jounral entry via the text box you can use the standard markdown syntax to create lists, links or even embed images and code snippets in your posts. When the entry is saved to your Dropbox folder it retains that same Markdown formatting. It will look like this: